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Industrial Gutter

Rooftite projects are the number one industrial gutter contractor in Durban. We are a reliable and honest industrial gutter contractor with over a decade in installations and repairs of all gutters. If you are a contractor that requires large industrial-type gutter installations, we are the company to use. Rooftite projects use the highest quality materials and our teams of craftsmen are well trained and experienced in industrial gutter solutions.

Industrial Gutters for Heavy Rainfall

In Durban, we experience heavy rainfall during the summer season. Heavy rainfall can be greater than 50mm per hour. The implications of heavy rainfall are severe if you do not have the correct drainage system. Heavy rainfall will damage your foundation and landscape.  

Clogged Industrial Gutter

A clogged gutter will cause damage. When there is rainwater overflowing that is when debris starts accumulating. This debris blocks the gutters and prevents rainwater from flowing out. When this water spills over it causes damage to the building. It is possible for mold to develop, which is a serious health issue.

Clogged Downspouts

Clogged downspouts are affected in the same manner that clogged gutters are and cause damage to your foundation. Blocked downspouts will overflow if water cannot get out. An oversized downspout will channel water away from your building.

Gutter Maintenance in Durban

Guttering maintenance in Durban. For your industrial gutter maintenance needs, Rooftite projects are committed to reliability and quality roofing service. We do our best to ensure all our customers are satisfied with their guttering projects.


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